A boy with disabilities had to leave the amusement Park in St. Petersburg

A seven year old boy with a disability was forced to leave the amusement Park in St. Petersburg at the request of parents of healthy children. On Thursday, September 7, reported on the website of the St. Petersburg Ombudsman for children Svetlana Agapitova has.

The Ombudsman intends to appeal to the Federal service and the Prosecutor’s office. “If you do not touch the moral side of the question, which law can not be assessed in this situation we are talking about the quality of services a disabled child”, she explained.

In the apparatus Agapitova has asked the mother of the child. According to the woman, 28 August, she bought my son tickets to a leisure Park in the Primorsky district of the city. Games labyrinth the boy was not allowed, explaining that the attraction is designed for younger children. Then mom went with him to the trampolines, but the administrator had to persuade to allow your child to jump. The woman assured her that takes responsibility for her son and will hold his hand.

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“All those 15 minutes that he was on the trampoline, the receptionist literally never left us. And then transparently hinted that it is time to know and honor, as the soon to start children’s holiday. I asked her to give a little more time, but we were strongly advised “to rest”” she said, adding that after that the boy was not allowed back because other parents were against it.

The woman returned in a week. What kind of illness her son, not specified.

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