Two alleged terrorists arrested near Paris on a tip from a plumber

French police detained two suspected terrorists in the town of Villejuif (Department of Val-de-Marne) near Paris. It is reported BFMTV.

During a search of their apartment found gas cylinders, electrical wire and other components suitable for the manufacture of explosive devices.

At the place of work intelligence officers, and investigators from the anti-terrorist Prosecutor’s office.

According to the TV channel, the police asked the plumber who noticed suspicious items in the apartment, where he called to eliminate the water leak in the pipe.

On 6 August, the French authorities announced that the country is 271 people with experience of fighting on the side of Islamist groups in Syria and Iraq. The interior Minister of France Gerard Colomb noted that only in Syria and Iraq has sent about 700 citizens of Republic. However, he found it difficult to say how many jihadists with French passport were killed in the fighting.