Took the camera for a weapon of the American police officer shot journalist

Andy Grimm

In the American town of new Carlisle (Ohio) police officer opened fire on the photographer, taking his camera for a weapon. On Tuesday, September 5, reports the New York Daily News.

The night before, the journalist stopped in order to remove storm front passing through town. He set up the tripod and began to adjust the camera. “A moment later I heard the sound of gunfire,” — said the victim.

As it turned out, fire on him without warning opened a local police Deputy. Realizing his mistake, the police rushed to help the wounded. “I thought he had a weapon in his hands”, — he explained his actions.

Currently, the journalist was hospitalized with a wound in the shoulder. His life is out of danger.

13 Feb 2015 it was reported that Los Angeles police officer was wounded from a gun of a black teenager with a toy gun.