The winners of Olympiad of schoolchildren from Moscow region will receive cash awards

Winners and prize-winners of all-Russian Olympiad of Moscow region will receive a monetary reward, according to the website of the regional government on Monday, September 4.

The winners are supposed to 200 thousand roubles, prize-winners — 100 thousand rubles, said first Deputy Chairman of the Moscow area Olga Zabralova.

According to her, the lump sum payment is carried out from means of the regional budget. Cash incentives students receive the state, Federal, municipal and private schools located on the territory of Moscow region.

Only in the final stage of the Olympiad competed 220 suburban kids came back with awards 92 student.

On 10 July it was reported that twenty undergraduate and graduate students enrolled in the Moscow region, will receive Governor’s grants for a total amount of 1.85 million rubles.