The UN has accused the Damascus chemical attack in Khan Sichone

Khan Shaykhun

The office of the UN high Commissioner for human rights (OHCHR) blamed the use of chemical weapons in the Syrian town of Khan shaykhun on government forces. This is stated in a special report published on the organization’s website.

“The Syrian air force used sarin gas in Khan Sichone, killing more than 80 people, most of whom were women and children. The air strike was also struck in the nearby medical institutions. This led to a serious reduction in their ability to assist victims of a chemical attack and, consequently, to increase the number of victims among the civilian population”, — the document says.

In addition, according to the authors of the report, in Idlib, Hamachi and Eastern ghouta Syrian forces have used combat chlorine. “These attacks constitute a clear violation of international humanitarian law and the Convention on chemical weapons”, — is summarized in the message.

April 4 at the town of Khan Shaykhun was dumped chemical munitions, which killed 87 people, injured about 200. The Syrian opposition and Western countries accuse the air force attack the government troops. In Damascus said that the army did not use and not to use chemical weapons on the battlefield.

Three days later, the President of the United States Donald trump ordered to launch a missile attack on the airfield shirt used by Syrian government aircraft. In all there were 58 cruise missiles.