The UN has accused the coalition led by the United States in violation of humanitarian law in raqqa

The armed opposition in raqqa

United States-led international coalition violated international humanitarian law during the liberation of the Syrian province of raqqa. This is stated in the report of the Independent international Commission of inquiry to investigate crimes in the field of human rights in Syria.

We are talking about the period from March to July 2017. The paper reported that during this time 190 thousand people were forced to leave their homes because of air strikes, the fate of another 20 thousand people are still missing — they are locked in raqqa.

According to human rights activists, the Americans have not taken the necessary measures to protect the civilian population and infrastructure during an attack on a mosque in al-Genache, in defiance of the international humanitarian law.

September 1 the command of the international coalition have recognized that the March in Syria and Iraq, killed 61 civilians. While the Syrian news Agency SANA said that only a day on 21 August in raqqa killed 78 civilians. During the raids seriously damaged houses and several urban infrastructure. Reuters, citing Syrian Observatory for human rights said at least 42 civilians killed in the bombing of the city on August 21.