Right-wing candidate for Chancellor of Germany ran away with the debates

Alice Widely

One of the main candidates from the far-right party “Alternative for Germany” (ADH) in the elections to the Bundestag Videl Alice (Alice Weidel) went with televised debates live. It happened after she was advised to distance themselves from party members that occupy is too radical positions. On Wednesday, September 6, according to Reuters.

Debate with the participation of representatives of seven major German parties took place in the TV channel ZDF yesterday evening. In the course of a member of the conservative block of the current German Chancellor Angela Merkel, Andreas Scheuer accused Widely that it cannot distance itself from far-right figures in ADH, such as, for example, the other leading candidate is Vice-President of party Alexander Gauland or Bjorn Hecke, who at the beginning of the year was expelled from the party after he called the Holocaust memorial in Berlin “monument of shame” in the heart of the capital.

After that, Videl gathered up his papers and left the Studio. Later in his statement, published shortly after the incident, the politician accused the moderator of the debate, the Marietta Slomka of partiality and incompetence.

As Reuters reports, some media have already suggested that care Widely of debates were planned in advance. In particular, the chief editor of Stern magazine Andreas Petzold noted that thus ADH continues to “playing the victim”.

Elections in the German Parliament, following which the government will be formed and defined by the Chancellor, will be held on September 24. According to the polls, who leads the Agency, to date, ADG support from 7 to 11 percent of respondents.