Refugees were forbidden to enter the Bavarian store

In the window of a shop in the Bavarian town of Eging am Inn there was an announcement prohibiting refugees to enter the store. It is reported by Focus-online.

“Attention! Collective measure! We do not want customers of our store were asylum seekers”, — stated in the message.

According to the owner of the trade shop Buchhammer Birgit (Birgit Bachhammer), such measures had to go due to the frequent thefts. Of crimes suspect migrants. It is reported that the damage from theft has more than 400 euros.

Local residents criticized the ban. According to them, we are talking about the manifestation of “overt racism”.

To resolve the conflict tried the mayor Tobias Windhorst. He explained Bahamar that the restriction on entry for specific groups of the population violates the law against discrimination.