Putin reprimanded the government for “modest painting” in the far Eastern programme

Vladimir Putin

For non-performance of orders for development of regions of the far Eastern Federal district will follow the appropriate measures, said the President of Russia Vladimir Putin at session of Presidium of the state Council on Wednesday, September 6. His words leads TASS.

“I saw the report on the execution of decisions — a kind of rating of state programs in the interest of the Far East. And frankly on a number of fronts picture this — you do not want to say “depressing” — to put it mildly, modest,” — said Putin. He stressed that the Cabinet did not fulfill his Commission for the preparation of separate sections devoted to the development of regions of the far East, in key state programs, or did it “symbolically”.

“That’s my word, I’ll look at it very seriously”, — promised the head of state, adding that otherwise it will be necessary to bring in the Ministry people who understand the country’s development priorities.

He focused on the fact that far Eastern regions remain a priority for the authorities, it is therefore necessary to ensure guaranteed financing programs. According to Putin, in General, work in this direction lined up well, but due to various reasons “already, problems arise both at the level of the Federal budget, and at the level of individual agencies.”

Earlier Wednesday, presidential aide Andrei Belousov in the East economic forum (WEF) on the sidelines of which a meeting of the Presidium of the state Council, instructed to prepare proposals on creating the best business climate in the regions of the far East.