Putin instructed to expand the program of the far Eastern hectare

Vladimir Putin

Russian President Vladimir Putin proposed to extend the scope of the program “far Eastern hectare” on compatriots abroad. This initiative he announced at a state Council Presidium meeting at the Eastern economic forum (WEF) on Wednesday, September 6, reports TASS.

“It is necessary to extend the possibilities of this program and of our compatriots who come to the far East from abroad”, — said the head of state. In his opinion, these people really want to “work on this earth to create strong families with children”, so they must be supported.

Putin stressed that due to the action program in the regions of the Far East enterprising entrepreneurs began to organize a new settlement. “The government and regions need to provide them with financial assistance, assist in creating public infrastructure, and for those who works successfully and scored his hectare property, serves additionally to provide for the development of land of the greater area,” — said the Russian leader.

During the meeting he also drew attention to the fact that far Eastern regions remain a priority for the authorities, it is therefore necessary to ensure guaranteed financing programs.

The law on the free distribution of land in the far Eastern Federal district (FEFD) since June of last year. According to the document, each citizen can exercise the right to receive for five years an area not more than a hectare. After five years it will be possible to arrange to rent or to own. Purchase and sale of the acquired land is prohibited.