Nine amazing things that women invented

Nine amazing things that women invented

If you are asked to name offhand the most famous inventors, you probably remember names like Thomas Edison, Alexander Graham bell or Leonardo da Vinci.

How about Mary Anderson? Or Ann Tsukamoto?

Their names are hardly known, and yet it is only two women from the long list of inventors who are behind the usual household things, and the big scientific discoveries.

1. Software — grace Hopper

After enlisting in the Navy of the United States during world war II, grace was sent to work on a new computer Mark I.

Soon enough, Hopper was at the head of the research associated with computer software.

She developed the first compiler for a programming language, with which it became possible to translate verbal instructions into digital code that could read a computer processor.

This helped to speed up the programming process, fundamentally altering the principle of operation of computers.

American scientist is also credited with popularizing the term “debugging” (Troubleshooting reproducible bugs), which continues to be used to eliminate coding errors in computer programs. This word Hopper in the head after she managed to extract a moth (bug), which came with her computer.

Grace Hopper, nicknamed “amazing grace” (on the first line of the Christian hymn amazing grace — “Amazing grace”), continued to work with computers prior to retirement from the ranks of the Navy of the US at the age of 79 years, becoming the oldest active officer.

2. Caller ID the caller and call waiting — Anne Jackson.

Dr. Shirley Ann Jackson is an American physicist whose work in the 1970-ies has led to the emergence of the two telephone services: determination of the calling number and notification of a new incoming call arrives during a conversation with another person.

Her innovative discoveries in the field of telecommunications has led to the development of a portable Fax-modem, optical fiber and solar panels.

Shirley Jackson became the first African-American woman to have received a degree from mit and spearheaded one of the leading research universities.

3. Automotive wipers — Mary Anderson.