New format of license plates can enter in Russia

New format of license plates can enter in Russia

The format of car numbers in Russia could change in 2018. On it informs “the” with reference to sources familiar with the situation.

According to sources, the question now under discussion in the government. Changes can be made to increase the possible number combinations due to the lack of options. The publication also notes that the designation of the regions has long been irrelevant, therefore, the RF can be a number entered, similar to the European. They will be four digits, the letters, the flag and the inscription RUS. In addition, rooms can install a chip that allows you to remotely read information about the vehicle, reports TV channel “Zvezda”.

Useful informationmaterial room. What to do?Reform due to the increasing number of cars in Russia and new signs provide eight different symbols, which is several times increases the number of possible combinations.

Information about the upcoming reform, according to the newspaper, anonymously confirmed and in the state Duma, but when it happens, while it did not say.

It became known earlier that sales of electric cars in Russia grew by 18%. In summer, there is information that the car owners will be able to choose numbers and letters for license plates.