Moscow and Seoul have agreed to a joint promotion with the DPRK projects

Russia and South Korea are ready to implement economic projects with the DPRK. On this presidents of two countries Vladimir Putin and moon Jae-In said after bilateral talks on the sidelines of the Eastern economic forum (WEF), the correspondent of “” on Wednesday, September 6.

“We agree to strengthen the basis for the implementation of trilateral projects with the participation of the two Koreas and Russia, connecting the Korean Peninsula and the Russian far East,” said the South Korean leader.

Putin confirmed Moscow’s readiness to trilateral cooperation, stressing that the implementation of joint projects is not only beneficial economically, but also “will strengthen confidence and stability on the Korean Peninsula.”

The Russian President noted that parties could undertake work in the field of integration of electricity grids and railway systems of the three countries. In addition, “it could go on the supply to Korea of the Russian pipe gas.”

Earlier Wednesday it was reported that during the talks, Putin confirmed that Moscow does not recognize the nuclear status of Pyongyang and has consistently condemned the missile tests in the Republic. However, he stressed that to solve the nuclear issue impossible by means of the imposition of sanctions against the DPRK.