Kuban officials spoke about the “pyatiminutka” in schools

Officials of the Ministry of education of Krasnodar region answered the query about the introduction in schools of the region information updates. On Wednesday, September 6, informs radio “Moscow speaking”.

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To e-mail civil servants sent in response to journalistic inquiry, the attached release entitled “pyatiminutka”. The paper reported that the initiator of the innovation was the Governor of the region. “The topics of the updates already defined: “Glory to Russia”, “History”, “News week”, — stated in the text.

Specifies that the theme will change every week. The latter will be dedicated to the life and traditions of the region — “Kuban we live.”

“”News week” is being implemented in 9th — 11th grades, students together with teachers prepare informational presentations with further discussion,” — said the regional Ministry.

Previously the regional news Agency “Yugopolis” reported that in one of schools of the city of Tuapse entered information history, during which the students must retell the news of the First channel. The headmaster, the Deputy of city Council from “an United Russia” Igor Ivannikov has declared that it is including on the political news. In his opinion, to interfere with the studies of this work will not be.