Kadyrov complained about the distortion of his words about Russia’s position on Myanmar

Ramzan Kadyrov

The head of Chechnya, Ramzan Kadyrov wrote in the Telegram that the Internet has distorted his words about the readiness to challenge the position of the Russian leadership on events in Myanmar, where clashes between Muslim Rohingya people and the security forces.

“My speech, mangled and distorted, and this was done, I believe, purposefully. Then, under the lie some journalists began to build another conspiracy theory,” — said the politician.

According to Kadyrov, all who heard him speak, know what he said. “I am absolutely sure that Russia will never, under any circumstances, will not interfere with measures aimed at helping the oppressed,” — said the head of the Republic.

In conclusion, he again expressed support for Russian President Vladimir Putin, calling themselves his loyal foot soldier.

4 Sep Kadyrov commented on the murder of representatives of the Rohingya in Myanmar. In the video (6:35), the head of Chechnya said: “even If Russia will support those devils who commit crimes, I am against Russia’s position. Because I have my own vision, my own position”. After that, he expressed confidence that “no one is going to support murderers and rapists”.

Initially, the Kremlin refused to evaluate the words of the policy, but then Vladimir Putin said that he does not consider them anti-government sentiment.