In the Gulf of Mexico was formed storm “Katya”

Off the coast of Mexico was formed tropical storm “Katya”. Wind gusts reaching 65 miles per hour. On Wednesday, September 6, the Associated Press reports.

Meteorologists predict that within two days the storm will intensify. Now “Katya” is located 165 kilometers from the mainland over the Gulf of Mexico and moving South-East at a speed of 4 kilometers per hour.

Storm “Kate” appeared simultaneously with the hurricane, “Irma”, who is now over the Caribbean sea and is moving towards the us state of Florida. On the eve of the national centre for the prevention of storms USA awarded the “Irma” maximum — fifth category. The wind gusts reaching 295 miles per hour.

In Puerto Rico in connection with the approach of “Irma” declared a state of emergency. Also hurricane to hit the Dominican Republic, Haiti and Cuba. French authorities ordered the residents of its overseas territories — Islands of Saint Martin and Saint barthélemy — not to leave their homes. All the public buildings on the Islands, including schools, stopped working.

“Irma” stronger than the storm “Harvey”, which at the end of August fell on the South East coast of the United States. According to recent reports, the disaster killed 60 people and caused damage to Texas authorities have estimated 150-180 billion.