Belgian fighter jets escorted the Russian su-27 over the Baltic sea

Belgian F-16 fighter jets from the mission NATO air policing in the Baltic States was accompanied in the sky over international waters of the Baltic sea, two Russian su-27 fighter. On Wednesday, September 6, announced the command of the combined force of the Alliance, reports “Interfax”.

It is noted that the NATO radar system recorded the departure from the Kaliningrad region of the two Russian fighters, which were sent to the air space over international waters of the Baltic sea. “Military aircraft don’t transmit their identification signals and does not support connectivity with civil centres for air traffic control”, — explained in the command.

In this regard, in the air up Belgian F-16. They had to identify the fighters as indicated in the statement, he was attached to the Russian heavy transport aircraft Il-76.

It is emphasized that all the Russian planes returned to Kaliningrad and the Belgian — at the Amari airbase.