A. K. Tolstoy: Russian European and liberal conservative

A. K. Tolstoy: Russian European and liberal conservative

On Tuesday, September 5, marks the 200th anniversary of the birth of count Aleksey Konstantinovich Tolstoy, the prominent figures of the era of Alexander’s reforms, poet, writer and thinker.

His mention certainly with the middle name, to distinguish from the other Tolstoy, the author of “Peter the great” and “Calvary”, also named Alexei.

Almost all the Russian classics now look somewhat instructive and inspirational. Tolstoy was would place in modern literature, because rarely parted with irony.

With his life reviled and right and left.

He was a patriot, however, after Chaadayev, have not learned to love his homeland with his eyes closed, his head with reverence, with locked lips.

Highly educated aristocrat, a childhood friend of Alexander II, Tolstoy could make a brilliant career, but after serving a little in the diplomatic service, resigned, valuing personal and intellectual freedom. He participated in the life of the country the pen and the word.

I’m one of two or three writers who keep at us the banner of art for art, because my belief is that the purpose of the poet is not to provide any direct benefit or favor, but to raise their moral level, instilling in them a love of the beautiful..To.Toistaiseksi poet, writer and playwright

The main content of Russian spiritual quest mid-nineteenth century was the dispute between Westerners and Slavophiles. Tolstoy belonged to the first camp, expressing his views with brilliance and wit. But I went from him and then the liberals for the rhetoric, superficiality, and thoughtless following of fashion.

The General idea of Tolstoy was that Russia – the native European nation, isolated from the roots of the Tatar-Mongol yoke and designed to return to its true essence and purpose.

He wanted to find the ideal and support not only in the West, but in national history. Chanting and setting an example of Kiev and Novgorod Russia, he felt, in a sense, conservative.