Zastukali wife and her lover American threatened 15 years of prison

Sean Donis

The American resident of the city of Clifton (new Jersey) threatened with jail time after he found his wife in bed with her lover. It is reported by The New York Post.

The incident occurred on 15 April 2016. That day Sean Donis stayed home to babysit five-year old son, and his wife Nancy went to lunch with friends. After some time, Sean found that he could not find the iPad boy. He activated the search function of the device, and saw that he was heading towards the town of Rockland.

Suspecting something was amiss, the man asked to look after the son of his mother, while he sat in the car and went to where the iPad was. Arriving at the appointed place, he saw a car Nancy — that was parked near one of private houses. The front door was open. Sean came upstairs and saw his wife having sex with her boss — albert Lopez.

Sean took the phone and began to remove what he saw. “All on video! All on video! I can’t believe Nancy, I just can’t believe it!” — the man says on the recording. The owner of the house attacked the intruder, the phone was dropped and the record was broken.

In July 2017, the year he received a summons: the hapless wife was accused of robbery and violation of privacy. He faces 15 years in prison. A court hearing is scheduled for September 20.

Lopez to discuss the history refused. According to him, Shawn continues to pester him for the incident.