Zakharova said

On the Internet spread false rumors that Russia refused to support the Muslims of Myanmar. This statement was made by Maria Zakharova. The official representative of the Russian foreign Ministry wrote on his account on Facebook.

“These are fakes are now being circulated in the Internet, social networks with the filing Reuters. This is FAKE,” wrote Zakharov.

Zakharova said that this year the UN Security Council did not consider a resolution on the situation in Myanmar. According to the Agency, Myanmar was discussed behind closed doors at the UN on 30 August, but then diplomats have not come to a consensus and a General statement to the media has not been compiled. Zakharov added that the Ministry of foreign Affairs is closely monitoring the situation in Myanmar.

In Myanmar, in the Rakhine district there was a clash between the Buddhist population and Muslims in the region. In recent years due to the persecution of Myanmar left 420 of thousands of Muslim Rohingya. At the end of August 2017, Myanmar began to carry out a special operation against the Muslim population, whom they accused of attack on police checkpoints. The clashes killed more than 400 people.