Tver arrows repented and agreed on the death penalty

Sergey Egorov

Sergey Egorov, accused of killing nine people in the dacha cooperative in the Tver region, repented and asked for forgiveness for what he did. On Tuesday, 5 September, reports “Interfax”.

“I want to tell you that such filth and creature there is no forgiveness, but I apologize. Ready to be punished. If you want, ask the President to return the death penalty, I don’t mind,” said the man at the meeting in the Tver regional court.

Earlier Egorov has refused to testify, however, on August 30 the process called nonsense words of one of the witnesses.

According to the investigation, June 3, Egorov drank alcohol in the company of gardeners. Between the accused and other participants of a feast there was a conflict, after which the offended man left for his hunting rifle. When he returned, he shot nine people. Egorov was arrested on 5 June. He confessed to the murders. Psychiatrists recognized the shooter responsible. The man himself, according to the lawyer, I vaguely remember what happened because he drank that night nearly two liters of vodka.