The work of doctors standardisert by 2019

The work of doctors standardisert by 2019

The proposed rules will be Advisory in nature.

By 2019, all Russian doctors offered to work for the national system of clinical guidelines in major diseases. This “news” have informed in the Ministry of health. The initiative is a recommendation, however, it is planned that the doctors in their work will be based on common standards. According to experts, in case of dispute the doctor will have to explain the deviation from the rules.

This year, Russia began the implementation of a system of clinical guidelines, and by the end of next it should be extended to all regions.

This “news” have informed in the Ministry of health. The Ministry noted that this national system developed in Russia for the first time.

Clinical guidelines enshrined in the Federal law № 323 “On the fundamentals of health protection”.

They offer doctors a specific action in the treatment of major diseases. Lists medicines that can be assigned to the patient, methods of diagnosis and treatment.

All this, according to experts, will help the doctor to make the right decision.

The health Ministry added that for the accelerated adaptation to the new conditions in December 2016 completed the creation of an electronic database of clinical guidelines and system of fast search algorithms for diagnosis and treatment. To do this, all doctors should be equipped with computers.

— From 2017, the system is implemented universally through the automated workplaces of doctors. Implementation in all regions should be completed before the end of 2018, — said the Agency.