The festival of traditional culture “O zbegim” will be held in Tashkent

The festival of traditional culture “O zbegim” will be held in Tashkent

8 September 2017 in the modern metropolis and at the same time, the old city of Tashkent will be held a unique festival of traditional culture “O zbegim”.

The aim of the festival, organized by TV channel “Milliy”, support and promotion of traditional culture of Uzbekistan, joining compatriots and foreign guests to the rich artistic heritage of the country.

The festival will present the best samples of national culture and art, and demonstrate the tourist potential of Uzbekistan.

The festival programme will include:

  • Eastern art market and workshops under the open sky, where the best artisans in the country will demonstrate their skills and guests will be able to observe the actual process of creating products and purchase any of them. ;
  • Gastronomic fair, where you will prepare traditional dishes of Khorezm, Bukhara, Ferghana, Samarkand and Jizzakh regions, and Karakalpakstan. ;
  • Folk games and entertainments with performances of tightrope walkers, strongmen-polvonov, firemen and others. ;
  • Gala-concert with participation of folk singers and dance ensembles, as well as a display of national dresses from leading designers of Uzbekistan to demonstrate the magnificence of traditional fabrics, has won the fashion catwalks of the world.

Seven tons of Uzbek pilaf

A significant event this event will be the preparation of seven tons of Uzbek pilaf! For the record will be representatives from Guinness World Records. Video stream of the cooking process will be organized through social networks. Ambitious dish to cook for more than 50 renowned chefs.

On organization, preparation and distribution of pilaf day and night will work a total of more than 200 specialists of different professions.

For cooking pilaf is to be used a record number of products. In particular, beef — 1500 kg, mutton — 400 kg fat (lamb tail) — 220 kg and, most importantly, 1,900 kg of rice. In a huge cauldron put 2700 kg carrots, kg onions 220, 440 liters of vegetable oil, 57 kg of salt. All this is charged with 100 kg of chickpea, 190 kg of raisins, 5 kg of cumin, 2 kg black pepper, 1 kg of turmeric, 350 liters of water.