The Duma of Vladivostok choose ruble



Early elections to the Duma of Vladivostok accompanied by scandals associated with mass transportation of voters to the polls and buying votes. The city election Committee appealed to the police urging them to investigate reports of violations of the law. Special attention to the elections to the city Duma due to the fact that MPs have to elect the new head of the Primorye capital.

The Vladivostok city municipal electoral Commission (VGMC) appealed to the Ministry of internal Affairs of Russia “with the presentation on inspection and suppression of violations of the law” on several complaints related to the incident during early voting August 30 in territorial election commissions of Leninski district. On the city website posted the video, which is recorded as a voter, Nadezhda Naumova perturbed by the fact that you have to stand in long queues, claims that the vote she promised 500 rubles., and arranges a fight with the police. “According to Nadezhda Naumova, 500 rubles offered just for the fact that they put on the ballot, his signature, but without tick”, — stated in the message. “If the vote buying is confirmed, those responsible must be held accountable”, — said “Kommersant” the Chairman of VGMIK Nikolay Kichatov.

It is not yet determined who was offered the money to the voter Naumova. In local forums and in social networks allegations of buying of votes are presented to the candidates from the “United Russia” and the Communist party. There are also queues from socially disadvantaged citizens at polling early voting. “Most, 20 people. In this regard, in the hallway Tick — the stench is such that even the saints fans. Smelled stale and even fresh vodka. Elections — they are always a treat, but since returned to these players early voting, the party can stretch for several days”, — wrote on his page on Facebook former Vice-Governor of Primorsky Krai on issues of domestic policy Alexander Shemelev.

As reported today “Kommersant” Mr. Kichatov, in early voting in Vladivostok was attended by “about three thousand voters.” Only in Vladivostok recorded 446 454 citizen, eligible to vote. From August 30 to September 5, early voting is held in the premises of territorial election commissions, from 6 to 9 September in the premises of precinct election commissions.

“Early voting can determine the outcome of the election, given that turnout on 10 September is expected to be low. Therefore, we will require that the results of early voting were voiced separately. We believe that early voting is largely controlled at the expense of busing of voters and buying their votes”, — said “Kommersant” member of VGIK, second Secretary of the regional Committee of the Communist party Pavel Ashihmin. In his opinion, the peak of the violations have the period of early voting in the district election commissions.

“The Duma of Vladivostok, the elections which will be held in the coming Sunday will elect a new mayor. Therefore, a very important part of the deputies and attempts by candidates to achieve success in any way, quite predictable”, — said “Kommersant” seaside political scientist Victor Burlakov. He recalled that the powers of temporary suspended on charges of corruption of the mayor Igor Pushkarev expire next year.

In the Duma of Vladivostok will elect 35 members: 18 — under party lists and 17 in single — member districts. The elections allowed the lists of candidates from seven parties: United Russia, Communist party, Communist party, LDPR, “Fair Russia”, the Russian party of pensioners for social justice and “people party “For women of Russia””.