Saved by a biker suicide at the Minsk highway was accused of fraud

The young man saved from suicide biker on the Minsk highway in the suburbs, turned out to be a swindler. About it it is told in the story of TV channel “Moscow 24”, aired on Monday, September 4.

According to rider, ugovarivali young man from suicide, he claimed that he went to his mother’s funeral, and “mentally broke”. The TV channel found out that the man had repeatedly tried to stage a suicide, and wishing to save him she told the story about his late mother. Those of pity soothed him, fed and gave money.

However, it turned out that the whole story is completely invented. The crew found that the young man — the native village of Khludnevo in the Kaluga region. There he lives with his mother and older brother.

A woman in an interview to “Moscow 24” said that he does not understand why her son does. She told me that he grew up a troubled kid, skipped school, got in with bad company, and at the age of 12 began to earn by fraud. In addition, the mother’s “suicide” was told that he had frequent nervous breakdowns and admitted to the fear of the child.

According to the woman, the young man repeatedly sent to a psychiatrist, but he feels healthy. Surveyed channel psychologists believe that the behavior of young men motivated by the desire to attract attention and “get some dividends.”

The incident with the participation of Kaluga has occurred at the Minsk highway on September 1. It was reported that driving under a bridge, the biker saw a man about to jump down. He turned around and blocked traffic to enter into negotiations with the suicide. After much persuasion and promises to give the guy on the bike he managed to persuade him not to jump.