More than half of Britons have become atheists

More than half of Britons have become atheists

More than half of British subjects — 53 percent — said that they did not belong to any of the world religions. Such data of public opinion poll results in The Independent.

Compared to 2015, the number of non-believers in God by Britons were up five percent compared to the 1983 year — by 19 percent. As notes the edition, many urge the government to cut the funding for the churches and reduce the impact on public life.

Over the past ten years the Anglican Church has lost over 100 thousand followers. The number of Britons calling themselves Catholics has not changed for the past 30 years. Catholicism in the country professes every tenth citizen.

The poll was attended by over 2.9 thousand of the Britons.

The Anglican Church constitutes one of the branches of Western Christianity. Unlike other countries, the process of the reformation of the Church in England was initiated by the monarch. Henry VIII wanted to break ties with the Pope and the Vatican, to consolidate his power. The English Church finally separated from the Roman Catholic was transformed into the Anglican Church during the reign of Queen Elizabeth I.