Merkel threw tomatoes at a campaign rally

Merkel threw tomatoes at a campaign rally

During a campaign rally in the German Heidelberg unknown threw Chancellor Angela Merkel tomatoes. On Tuesday, September 5, reports Der Spiegel.

Merkel spoke in front of a crowd, when her side was put in two tomatoes. One of the projectiles hit in the left thigh of the Chancellor, the other in the lead of the rally. In the end, the clothes standing on the stage was splashed with juice and politician offered to clean up his handkerchief.

Despite the incident, Merkel continued performance. The police failed to catch bullies.

In November 2014, the protesters in Prague in attempt to throw eggs and tomatoes of the President of Czech Republic Milos Zeman got to his German colleague Joachim gauck. Then politicians did not save even “armed” with umbrellas protection.

#Heidelberg Schön saftig! Eine der beiden Tomaten, mit denen #Merkel auf dem Uniplatz beworfen wurde

— Marinella Maier (@MarinellaSix) September 5, 2017
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