Members of the powerful drug cartel of Colombia announced the surrender to the authorities

Members of an influential Colombian drug cartel “Clan of the Gulf” has declared readiness to surrender to the justice of the country. This was announced by President Juan Manuel Santos, said the publication Colombiano.

“On Sunday, September 3, from courier mail: we received a message from the leader of the clan, in which was expressed the desire to surrender. I have instructed the Ministry of justice and the Prosecutor’s office to assess the situation”, — said the head of state.

In a letter to the leader of the group, Dairo Antonio Usuga said that to justice it’s ready to show all members of a drug cartel.

The President said that the news of the surrender of members of the group is good news also because this community was the second largest criminal organization, opposing the authorities. The first power until recently, were units of the Revolutionary armed forces of Colombia (FARC).

October 7 last year, Santos was awarded the Nobel peace prize for efforts to end more than half a century of civil war. 26 September of the same year the President of Colombia, Juan Manuel Santos and the leader of the former rebels the FARC, Rodrigo Londoño Echeverri, known, Timoshenko signed a peace agreement, negotiations on which lasted four years.