In the milky Way found a new black hole

In the milky Way found a new black hole

Japanese astrophysicists have registered the radiation from a new candidate in the middle a black hole of the milky Way. A study published in the journal Nature Astronomy.

New black hole is about one hundred thousand times heavier than the Sun and located in the cloud molecular gas (the object of CO-0.40−0.22) at a distance of 60 parsecs from the center of the milky Way.

Scientists using the Observatory ALMA (Atacama Large Millimeter Array) has registered the emission at frequencies 265,9 and 230,5 GHz. Computer modeling conducted by experts showed that the dynamics of the gas in CO-0.40−0.22 due to the presence in the cloud of a black hole the average weight.

In the future, the authors plan more research the object and find new candidates for black holes in the average weight.

Black hole high-mass occupy an intermediate position between objects, the gravitational stellar mass and supermassive black holes, currently discovered only a few candidates in these objects.