In Puerto Rico because of the hurricane declared a state of emergency

The American Governor of Puerto Rico Ricardo Rossello declared on the island state of emergency due to approaching hurricane “Irma”. On Monday, September 4, according to the Fox News channel.

The wind speed within the hurricane reaches 130 mph (200 kph). “Irma” has increased to the fourth category on a scale.

At night on 26 August at the Texas hurricane “Harvey” . First, he appropriated the fourth category of danger, but then reduced to the level of a tropical storm and then tropical depression.

Maximum sustained wind speeds of at the peak of the hurricane reached 215 kilometres per hour. Due to the hurricane and subsequent floods killed dozens of people. The element of inflicted damage of 100 billion dollars.

“Harvey” was the most devastating natural disaster in the U.S. over the past 12 years. In August 2005 the country was hit by hurricane Katrina. Then killed almost two thousand people, the disaster has cost the American Treasury in a record amount of 108 billion dollars.