If necessary, the investigation will check and Mikhalkov, Putin said

If necessary, the investigation will check and Mikhalkov, Putin said

XIAMEN 5 Sep — RIA Novosti. Russian President Vladimir Putin said that if, for example, film Director Nikita Mikhalkov will have some information about a possible violation of the law, the regulatory authorities will check all of its activities.

Basmanny court of Moscow on August 23 put the artistic Director of “Gogol-center” Kirill Serebrennikov under house arrest on charges of fraud. The protection offered to release the Director on bail or surety. The Director is serving house arrest in his apartment on Prechistenka street in Central Moscow. He was allowed to visit the theater, but only with the permission of the investigator. Artistic Director of “Gogol-center” is charged with organization of embezzlement of at least 68 million rubles allocated in 2011-2014 for the project “Platform”.

“If you look at our other Directors, representatives of culture — (Nikita) Nikita Mikhalkov, for example — if the investigating authorities, Supervisory organizations will find that someone violates the law, (a) will apply similar methods, and they will be called to responsibility,” Putin said at a press conference.

The President stressed that Mikhalkov has not yet been any claims, “despite the fact that the controlling organizations work to inspect all of the funds received by all, almost without exception, the artists who get them from the Treasury”.

Checks are made continuously, Putin said. “If Mikhalkov will be some data and it will check”, — assured the head of state.