From Stavropol students took donated Putin stallion

A student of the Stavropol territory Gloria Kolesnikova kidnapped stallion, presented by the President of Russia Vladimir Putin. This girl reported to “Rossiyskaya Gazeta”.

“It happened when we left home. Returning, he found the pen empty, and the horse inside was not”, — she told.

Kolesnikov wrote a statement to the police. According to her, the cost of Voronoi Circassian horse is two million rubles, but to sell it she was not.

About the new pet students was reported in January of this year. Then Kolesnikov said that in the spring of 2016, wrote to the presidential administration a letter asking to give her a horse, and some time later, the head of state instructed to fulfill the desire of girls. However, authorities delayed the transfer of animals, citing the lack of necessary conditions — need to build a barn.

To pay for the construction, Kolesnikova had to spend the summer working in Moscow. In November she still gave the stallion. He was given the nickname President.