Fed the seagulls the fishermen survived on a desert island in the White sea

Rescuers found three fishermen who spent 10 days on an uninhabited island in the White sea. On Monday, September 4, reports Main Department of EMERCOM of Russia in Arkhangelsk region.

Three residents of maloshuika village Onega district, went fishing in the White sea 24 Aug. They planned to reach the Islands Hedstrom and Conductron in Onezhskaya Guba, however, in the first day of the trip was caught in a storm. When their boat began to fall apart and to collect water, the fishermen had to land on the nearest uninhabited island Sedlovatyj.

“Mobile phones during a storm, got wet and became useless, and no use of them — cellular communication on the island there. Therefore, the prisoners of the island prepared for a long and serious struggle for survival,” — said in the MOE, explaining that the houses of the fishermen were waiting for no earlier than August 27, and the movement of ships between the uninhabited Islands in this area are extremely inactive.

With him the men had a supply of food which would suffice for five days, however, most provisions they decided to save for a possible move by sea. On the island of fishermen gathered berries and fished. To survive, they had to catch and eat some gulls.

In addition, men who had dry matches and lighters, bred in different parts of the Islands, signal fires, hoping that the smoke would draw the attention of passing judgment. 3 Sep went to search for the missing rescuers noticed a signal and was able to pick up the fishermen from the island.

“The rescue came just in time, a little more — and the fishermen went on a perilous journey at sea on a raft. When the supply of food was over, men began to make a timber raft to a motor (which is the only surviving equipment) to indulge in unsafe way home”, — said in the MOE.

In late July, the rescuers found the lost in the taiga of the Krasnoyarsk territory, the girl who almost seven days he wandered through the woods. Together with his mother and older sisters she went to the forest to pick berries, but fell behind and got lost. After that her mother went to the police.