British couple 14 months barefoot fled to South America

British couple 14 months barefoot fled to South America

A British couple organized a race in South America, on which the travelers took about 14 months. The story of Katharine and David lowrie (Katharine and David Lowrie) drew the attention of the Daily Mail newspaper.

The people of England began their marathon in October 2013 and completed it in December 2014. They overcame nearly 10.5 thousand kilometers, and a big part of the way walked barefoot.

The British was launched from Cape Froward in Chile, at the southernmost point of South America. Their route went through Argentina, Bolivia and Brazil. The journey of the couple Lowry ended at the North of the continent in the Venezuelan town of Carupano on the coast of the Caribbean sea.

Remembers Catarina, the locals kept telling travelers that they need to stop the expedition, otherwise they will be eaten by jaguars or shot by terrorists.

“The hardest part was in the beginning. Our untrained bodies had to deal with the cold and need to run 20 miles (about 32 kilometers) a day,” — says the woman.

Chet Lowry has organized this expedition to draw attention to the issue of the protection of nature in South America and to raise money for community organizations working on this problem. They also released a book that tells about their journey.

In February 2017, a resident of St. Petersburg made a trip around the world, most of which he did on foot. On the March from Sergei Lukyanov took two years and about one million rubles.