After the shooting in a Moscow school was opened two cases

After the shooting in a Moscow school was opened two cases

At school in Ivanteevka situated near Moscow the pupil of the ninth class attacked the teacher and started shooting from the pneumatic weapon, triggering panic. Teen arrested, prosecuted under articles on hooliganism and negligence, according to the Prosecutor’s office.

“15-the summer pupil of the ninth grade came to school with pneumatic guns, which he carried under his cloak,” — reads the statement of the Investigative Committee of Russia (SKR) across Moscow region.

Upon entering the class, a student pulled a weapon and fired in the direction of the teacher, the message of the TFR.

In turn, the regional Prosecutor’s office previously reported that the teenager attacked the teacher with a kitchen cleaver and hit her in the head.

News“Aggression builds up and gives a Bang”: a psychiatrist about the incident in Ivanteevka

Then the teenager began to detonate homemade firecrackers. I started to panic. Three of his classmates jumped out of a second floor window.

“There was gunfire, explosions. The guy was blown away. Shot, shouting that he came here to die. We are in the next room was. His classmates from the window jumped, the girl had a broken leg,” said one of the eyewitnesses in an interview with RBC.

Versions of what happened

Later, the source of Interfax said that during the arrest of a schoolboy seized two homemade firecracker.

According to the interlocutor of the Agency, “the teenager was late for lesson.” “In addition, the teacher has any claim to his appearance,” he said.

According to Interfax, the teenager attacked the teacher in the classroom and in the hallway, and then other students “hearing the screams, barricaded in the utility room”. Then there was clapping, and they were afraid and began to jump from the Windows,” — said the Agency interlocutor.

The incident injured four people. Teacher traumatic brain injury, the two jumped out of the window of child injuries, the third fracture. “Now life of victims threatens nothing”, — reported in the TFR.