Actress Stella Baranovskaya and a half years he struggled with leukemia, but didn’t believe her. She died refused chemotherapy

Actress Stella Baranovskaya and a half years he struggled with leukemia, but didn’t believe her. She died refused chemotherapy

Starting in 2016, Baranovskaya struggled with leukemia and has published in social networks, the diary of their treatment, it collected funds of Russian pop stars, but many didn’t believe her.

The Baranovskaya was accused of fraud, and photos of a young, bold and very skinny girls on instagram called snapshots of a beautiful life. September 4, Stella Baranovskaya died of leukemia.

My beautiful little Girl! Which was so like Love, and that it would have understood… Wanted to go their own way and meet it support! Which so many have fought and desperately believed in miracles. And in people — that it has failed? Thank you for everything you taught me!!!! Thank you for the Love you gave?????? When the heart a lot, the words get stuck in my throat. Abuse myself, did not have time last time to tell you that I Love you?????? But you know, tithe?? We with you necessarily shall meet! Until the next life, my dear girl! I’m sorry I couldn’t give all, what would it be??? You have a good flight, my angel?? @stella9s

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Alternative therapies

In the beginning of 2016 Stella Baranovskaya, who was then in the United States, was diagnosed with acute lymphoblastic leukemia and was prescribed chemotherapy. However, the girl refused him after seven sessions due to severe pain during treatment. She spoke about it on the TV show “live” (“Russia 1”), dedicated to its history. In the release entitled “Imaginary disease or a miracle cure? The actress is accused of fraud”, gathered supporters and opponents as the most Baranovskaya, and various methods of treatment of oncological diseases — traditional and “alternative”.

“If you want to live, you will suffer”, — told about chemotherapy, one of the program, the writer Darya Dontsova, who also survived a battle with cancer.

At the same time, according to the writer, she understands why people may refuse such treatment: “Sometimes it seems that to suffer is simply not possible.”

Instead of chemotherapy Baranovskaya decided to try alternative methods of fighting the disease, including clinics in Mexico and the USA, and kept a detailed diary of her treatment in instagram. All this time the girl supported the Russian celebrities Anna Semenovich, Anfisa Chekhov, Lera Kudryavtseva, Ksenia Borodina. They called to collect money for the treatment Baranovskaya (she never asked for money) and has published in social networks posts to support it.

According to Stella Baranovskaya, she has collected about 12 million rubles; $ 100 thousand of them (that is about 6 million rubles) gave it to a friend.

Stella’s mother Baranovskaya said that he supported the daughter in her intuitive decisions, because she often makes decisions the same way. According to her, she has over 20 years adheres to the principles of vegetarianism and cured his “problem with Breasts” on your own, without chemotherapy.

The funds raised Stella Baranovskaya, in particular, took a course in American clinic, Hippocrates Health Institute, which offers programs for weight loss, improved lifestyle and a “Full course of Wellness for cancer”. According to “Live”, this course is 3470 dollars a week (about 200 thousand rubles), and its main method is detoxification, nutrition, raw foods, green juices and Wheatgrass juice. The program even includes infrared sauna, yoga and meditation. All this, said the specialists of the clinic in the commentary “Live”, “returns the body to a state of peace and harmony” because “the body is able to heal itself”. On the official website of the clinic stated that the course which can be included in the standard programme of medical treatment in order to “increase the chances of recovery.”