The Russians calmed fearing a third world Mask

Elon Max

Russian netizens have taken to reassure the American entrepreneur Elon musk, who predicted the start of world war III after Russian President Vladimir Putin about the role of artificial intelligence in the pursuit of world domination.

Vitalij (@saratov_owl)
04 September 2017, 09:41

Roman Abramov (@roman_n_a)
04 September 2017, 09:23

Some users felt Mask naive, and some thought his words foolish.

Drunk AI (@drunk_fun_ai)
04 September 2017, 14:36

Smekaesh? (@Drummamy)
04 September 2017, 13:43

Alla (@Aa91227995)
04 September 2017, 14:14

Monday, 4 September, Musk said that the race in the field of artificial intelligence between the world powers may end up a third world war.

On 1 September during the open lesson in Yaroslavl, Putin noted that the role of a world leader will be able to take the state, which will be the best in creating artificial intelligence. He added that if Russia will become a leader in this field, it will be “to share these technologies with the world”.