The FAS laid claim to the “Conscience” Kiwi Bank

The Moscow management FAS filed a case against the Kiwi Bank due to complaints of violation made in the advertising of its credit cards “Conscience” on the First channel. This is stated in a statement. Violations of the law, according to FAS, is expressed in the absence of advertising number of conditions of using the credit card.

A significant part of the information about the product demonstrates how unreadable the font that distorts the meaning, and introduces consumer confusion.

The FAS pointed out the fact that is derived from the field of view of the consumer information on the possibility of using credit cards “Conscience”, the conditions and procedure of repayment. In particular, not clearly marked that “no interest is charged if full repayment of the loan during the period of installment monthly payments.”

JSC “Kiwi Bank” is small in terms of assets Moscow Bank, which is the core and the settlement centre of enterprises e-payment system Qiwi United system of instant payments (OSMP), belonging among the largest in Russia.

The main activity of the Bank — payments in the interests of the related payment systems. As noted “”, the traditional banking business of the credit institution is not developed, the Bank for a long time demonstrates increased liquidity.