The Deputy of the state Duma reiterated that in Mosul are Russian women and children


RIA Novosti

The Deputy of “United Russia” Samail sarailiev, who was elected to the state Duma from the Chechen Republic, confirmed that in Mosul, a city in Northern Iraq, are women and children who are Russian citizens and who are from Russia they took with them men.

On Saturday the radio station “Moscow speaking” member of the Council on human rights under the head of the Chechen Republic Ramzan Kadyrov Kheda Saratova told about 300 Russian citizens held captive in Mosul. She noted that she had no confidence that all of these women arrived there from Chechnya. According to human rights activist, there are girls from the Crimea.

“To say that there are more than 300 or about 300 people, I would not have undertaken, that from the Chechen Republic… From CIS countries, including from our country, there really is those people, wives, children, whom they took with them men,” said sarailiev RIA Novosti.

The MP added that, most likely, Saratov, calling the figure of 300 people, based on the number of references to it and statements to other authorities directed the relatives of those who thus left Russia.

The MP noted that to solve this problem, a lot of work a head of Chechnya Ramzan Kadyrov. “He (Kadyrov) is directly already established a mechanism for the return of such children who are there, by and large, are terrible, does not fit for life” , — said Saraliev.

On Friday evening a special flight from Erbil in Iraqi Grozny was taken four women and eight children rescued from the war zone in the middle East. Among them three Russian women: one a native of Chechnya, with three children, resident of Tver and Nizhnevartovsk with two children. The fourth woman from Kazakhstan with three children. Authorized under the RF President on the rights of the child Anna Kuznetsova greeted arrivals at the airport.

Kadyrov in August posted a Instagram video RT, filmed in an orphanage in Baghdad and telling about Russian children, whose parents joined the terrorist organization “Islamic state” *, took them out of the country, and then abandoned after the liberation of the Iraqi Mosul. Kadyrov expressed hope that the families of these children recognize them and write to a special address. He later said they found relatives of four Russian children.

The search for relatives of orphans began after the report of the TV channel Russia Today from a shelter in Baghdad.