The court left the Director Serebrennikov under house arrest

The court left the Director Serebrennikov under house arrest

The Moscow city court left under house arrest the artistic Director of the theater “Gogol-center” Kirill Serebrennikov. He vouched for 74 cultural figure.

The Moscow city court did not change the measure of restraint to the Director and artistic Director of the theater “Gogol-center” Kirill Serebrennikov, who previously sent under house arrest on charges of fraud, the correspondent of RBC.

Now, however, the Director allowed a two-hour walk.

Serebrennikov accused the organization of stealing 68 million rubles of state subsidies for the support of contemporary art, which received it from the production company “the Seventh Studio”. In the case are four subordinates of the Director of the “Seventh Studio” and “Gogol-center”.

In the beginning of the meeting Serebrennikov lawyer Dmitry Kharitonov asked the court to adduce additional personal security from the eminent Director of culture. Earlier vouched for the accused 33 people; this time Kharitonov read the list of the 41 name.

Among them were Directors Alexander Sokurov and Valery Todorovsky, actors Dmitry Kharatyan, Alla Demidova, Inna Churikova, Eugene Simonov, Aleksandr Baluev; ballerina Diana Vishneva, coach Tatiana Tarasova, musicians Vladimir Spivakov and Polina Osetinskaya, Director of the Museum. Pushkin Marina Loshak.

“The investigation is in my view comes up with many circumstances,” said the lawyer Kharitonov. He said that personally pieces of silver could not achieve allocation of public funds, “the Seventh Studio” for the project “Platform”. Grant organizations provided the results of his conversation with President Dmitry Medvedev in March 2011 and in accordance with the government decree signed by Prime Minister Vladimir Putin.

Pieces of silver was arrested on August 22, the next day, the Basmanny court put him under house arrest. According to the TFR, in 2011 pieces of silver created a project for development and promotion of contemporary art “Platform”, which in 2011-2014, the Ministry of culture has allocated more than 214 million rubles. employees of the “Seventh Studio” was represented in the culture of inflated data on the number and cost of events, inaccurate plans and reports, fictitious contracts on work which in fact was not carried out, believe in the TFR. Budget of compensation for these works the defendants were taken into accounts of firms-a something ephemeral and cashed, and then pieces of silver was distributed among the participants of the scheme, convinced the investigators.