Ryabkov called the “public bullying” of US actions against Russia

Ryabkov called the “public bullying” of US actions against Russia

XIAMEN (China), 4 September — RIA Novosti. What is happening in the United States for diplomatic facilities in Russia is state hooliganism, Russia will find a response to it, Deputy foreign Minister of Russia Sergey Ryabkov.

“Outrageous actions were searches of our facilities: the Consulate General in San Francisco, trade mission Washington, trade mission offices in new York. The American side is trying to do a good mine at bad game, maneuvering words, and not content in its policy, claiming that the examinations, inspections. No, it searches,” said Ryabkov told reporters.

Representatives of US intelligence and law enforcement still hasn’t left the building of the Consulate General in San Francisco.

“We hadn’t seen before with such far-reaching and provocative infringements of fundamental rules of international law. Someone in previous years called state sponsors of terrorism. I am inclined to call what is happening state hooliganism”, — he added.

“It requires a certain understanding, so hurry up with some answers we won’t. It is difficult in a situation when faced with bullies, to imagine what should be the reaction. But we find that response,” he added.