Putin spoke about the crazy competition over the souls of men



The President of Russia Vladimir Putin said about the need for parents to instill a taste for the artistic selection of children’s literature that children are not lost in the flow of information, reports “Interfax”.

About Putin said at a meeting with public representatives of the Yaroslavl region.

“Today, a competition for the soul, for the young especially, is very large, it seems to me, is crazy. The Internet allows one click to get anywhere”, he said.

Guide through the vast sea of information, in his opinion, can only be moral principles that are produced in the family, primarily on the basis of reading.

“We need parents to instill the taste. Sure they want their children to grow up literate, interesting, so they need there to help,” he said.

Earlier Vladimir Putin said that the Russian people there is an “internal nuclear reactor”, thanks to which the country is constantly moving forward.