Puchkov said that a Minister be a little easier than a lifeguard


RIA Novosti

The head EMERCOM of Russia Vladimir Puchkov said that the Minister be a little easier than a professional paramedic or firefighter.

“To be a Minister better than a lifeguard,” said the Minister, communicating with pupils of a school “fire cadets” No. 484 in St Petersburg.

He said that the main task of the Minister is to create a comfortable environment for the reacting units. “We need new equipment, equipment, equipment, good team relationships, work environment and leisure and, of course, a decent salary. I, Board and all my colleagues do every day,” said Beams.

The Minister advised the student of the school, who asked the question, study hard to achieve good results. “Go ahead, the Minister will be vacant when you finish school and grow up,” said the Minister.

Continuing the conversation, the head of the Ministry said that the main rescuer of the country to be quite difficult. “To be a Minister very difficult, responsible and very interesting — we have a great country, a great number of time zones, 85 subjects that are radically different from each other. The main goal of our work is to help the person in distress, everyone who was in a difficult situation needs to obtain professional help,” said the Minister.

Children were interested in his work schedule, Hobbies and treats the sport. “All my life I play basketball, athletics, skiing, weightlifting — those types where I have sports categories. Now I regularly go to gym and pool work each day,” said the Minister.