Poland will demand reparations from Russia



Polish Vice-Minister of justice Patrick Yaky and MP Ian Mosinski said that the country should be required to pay for the Second world war from Germany and from Russia, informs Radio “Poland”.

This subject policy of the party “law and justice” was discussed during the press conference held on the eve of the Parliament of the country.

Moshinsky referred to the fact that in 1921 Soviet Russia and Poland signed the Treaty of Riga which provided for the payment Poland 30 million gold rubles. However, he said, this amount were not paid. The MP believes that Russia as the “successor of the USSR” should take note.

“The Russians, too, should be held accountable for what they did to Poland”, — said the Deputy Minister of justice of Poland Patrick Yaky.

As notes the edition, in the country there is a discussion of the potential claim for reparations from Germany, but the official position on this subject is not formulated. The fact that on 23 August 1953, Poland renounced any claims against Germany.

Recently, the German newspaper Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung has opublikovala an article that said of the groundlessness of such demands from Warsaw, citing the results of the examination of the scientific service of the Bundestag, held on the recommendation of the Vice-speaker of the German Parliament Johannes Singhammer.

Historians refer to the “Treaty on the final regulation concerning Germany”, also known as “the Treaty 2+4”, signed in 1990 between the GDR and the FRG and the USSR, France, Britain and the United States, in which Poland refused his demands.