Kadyrov promised to oppose the position of the Russian Federation in the case of support of the Myanmar authorities

Ramzan Kadyrov

The head of Chechnya Ramzan Kadyrov has commented on the “genocide of Muslims” in Myanmar, which killed several hundred representatives of the people Rohingya. Video statements posted on several YouTube channels.

The organizers of the persecution of Muslims, he called the devils and urged them to curse. The Chechen leader also said that many he wrote about the need to send troops to Myanmar, but “it is impossible, as he single-handedly can not make such a decision.” “Even if Russia will support those devils who commit crimes, I am against Russia’s position. I have my own vision, its own position,” — said Kadyrov.

The day before in Moscow at the Embassy of Myanmar in solidarity with the oppressed in the country’s ethnic Rohingya minority was inconsistent event of Muslims. It was attended by several hundred people. It is expected that on 4 September in the Chechen capital held a rally in support of Myanmar’s people. The action starts at 11:00 Moscow time on the square in front of the mosque “Heart of Chechnya”, reports the Republican broadcasting company “Grozny”.

On 25 August the militants of the movement “army of Arakan Rohingya solidarity” made in the West of Myanmar attack on a few dozen strong points of the police. For the week, the number of victims of collisions has exceeded 400 people.

Rohingya people — an ethnic minority living on the territory of Myanmar’s Rakhine state. They call themselves the indigenous people of the region, but the authorities do not recognize them as its citizens. Rohingya have been denied citizenship, they do not have access to medical care and is restricted in movement in the country. Representing the people associate it with religion: they are Muslims, and the majority of the population are Buddhists.