In China launched the BRICS summit

In South China’s city of Xiamen launched a summit of the BRICS countries (Russia, China, Brazil, India and South Africa). On Monday, September 4, reports RIA Novosti.

Chinese President XI Jinping met leaders of the countries participating in the Xiamen international Convention centre, which held a joint photographing on the background of the national flags. After that, the leader of China, together with Vladimir Putin, Michel Temer (Brazilian), Narendra modi (India) and Jacob Zuma (South Africa) discussed the global economy, global economic governance, international and regional conflicts.

Presiding this year in BRICS China outlined the goals of the summit, the strengthening of mutually beneficial and comprehensive partnership for the sake of maintaining peace and stability, promoting common development and improvement of the system of global governance.

On the eve on the website of the Kremlin published Putin’s article “BRICS — towards new horizons of strategic partnership,” in which the head of state noted that the problems on the Korean Peninsula should be resolved through dialogue without preconditions.

At the summit, which will end on 5 September, the planned adoption of the joint Declaration of Xiamen.