In Belgium, the pilot jumped from a helicopter without a parachute

Agusta A-109

The pilot of the Belgian air force, allegedly jumped from the helicopter during demonstrations. About it reports broadcasting company RTL.

The incident occurred during a doors open day in the engineering battalion, located in the commune of AME province of liège. It is reported that the pilot of the helicopter Agusta A-109 after airdrop left the cockpit without a parachute over the forest at an altitude of over kilometers. The second pilot was able to land a fighting machine.

Presumably, the reason for such actions of an experienced pilot has become a messy divorce. He is survived by a little daughter.

The body of the pilot has not yet been found. The investigation of the incident has been the Prosecutor of liège.

In November 2013, the 60-year-old American Gregory McFadden ordered a half-hour flight for the helicopters over the ocean. When they rose high enough, the passenger unexpectedly unfastened the seatbelt and jumped out of the cab. The first thing the pilot asked the airport Manager John Wayne Airport, where he landed. When McFadden was taken to the hospital, he was still alive, but doctors were unable to save him he died from his injuries.