Forecasters predicted “a full immersion into autumn” in Moscow

Forecasters predicted “a full immersion into autumn” in Moscow

In Moscow in the coming days are expected to decrease in temperature and precipitation, said RBC Deputy head of the situational center Roshydromet Anatoly Tsygankov.

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“For tomorrow and all week give cloudy weather, rain. For three days colder daytime temperatures, the night temperature will remain roughly as they were — plus 6-8 degrees. Tuesday to plus 16 degrees on Wednesday — plus 13-14 degrees. Thursday will begin to warm up again — plus 15 degrees,” said Tsygankov. According to him, the weekend weather will be up to plus 20 degrees.

According to the center “Phobos”, on Monday, September 4, in Moscow will come from the North a cold atmospheric front. The sky is covered with clouds in the evening light rain possible. The temperature will be not more than plus 15 degrees.

From the 5th of September forecasters predict the capital “a full immersion into autumn” with heavy rains and chilly winds.

Moscow, 5 cantabrians for 14 days+13°rain in the Afternoon+11°C Night mostly cloudyForecast for 14 days

The day temperature will make plus of 8-13 degrees, at night — from plus 5 degrees to plus 10 degrees. As indicated by specialists of “Fobos”, it is below normal.

The day before, on 3 September, the head meteorologist Roman Vilfand warned of a sharp deterioration of weather in the capital, but noted that Muscovites can count on the return of warm weather in the capital later in the fall.