Each wrestler Vlasko was the instigator of the deadly fight

The champion of Europe on free-style wrestling Yury Vlasko was killed in a fight, the instigator of which was his friend. This was reported on the website of the investigative Department of the TFR in Buryatia.

“The reason that led to the crime, was a conflict that occurred in one of the nightlife of the village between the young man who came to Baikal together with Vlasko and other athletes. He started harassing the girl, the roommate which was nearby and, along with his friends brought out the insolent, beat”, — stated in a press release.

The victim returned to friends, among whom were Vlasko, and asked to deal with offenders. However, he did not specify what the conflict led to his misconduct. The subsequent meeting resulted in a fight with a fatal outcome.

“Vlasko began to talk to the offender of a friend, but at that moment he was attacked by two young men, one of which struck the athlete stabbed in the supraclavicular region, and the second hit with a metal bar on the head. Then the first of the attackers took out of the water a stone and struck them a blow on the head of the victim. As a result of their actions Vlasko died”, — reported in the UK.

Vlasko was killed on July 29. The case was able to reveal through a video made by one of the parties to the conflict.

Vlasko was born 14 March 1997. In 2015 and 2016, he won the European Junior championship in freestyle wrestling in weight category to 96 kilograms.