Dzhabrailov apologized for the shooting at the Four Seasons hotel

Umar Dzhabrailov

The former Senator from the Chechen businessman Umar Dzhabrailov apologized for the shooting in Moscow Four Seasons hotel. He declared it on air of TV channel “Russia 24”, reports “Interfax”.

“I’m sorry about what I did. I apologize to all the Russian public for violating the public order. I am ready to answer before the law”, — said the businessman. He added that he has apologized to the hotel and “theme with them closed.”

“That night the gun was in front of me. And so I took it, expressing its protest to rebel, if I may say so,” Dzhabrailov said, adding that he considers himself a law-abiding citizen.

Previously, he said that the shooting, which he had made in a hotel room, connected with the state of his nervous system. Dzhabrailov said that carries a gun for self defense and to shoot anyone not going, and shots into the ceiling produced “out of desperation”.

The incident involving former Senator occurred on the evening of August 29. Against the businessman criminal case on hooliganism.